Loan recipients include:


Testimonials from Recipients

Bear Mountain Design:
"My interaction with the Bootstrap Montana program has proved to be invaluable.  Working with the program, I was able to secure a loan that was used to pay for UL testing on my product.  Once the UL listing was secured, a new customer base was opened with the California energy utility companies and my sales increased 10 fold.  My thanks to the Bootstrap Montana program and the incredible service they provide to small startups in Montana."

Derek Kampfe, Great Northern Cattle Co.:
"Bootstrap Montana offers a unique opportunity for startup or growing companies to tap into unconventional financing which can be the key catalyst to move them into more conventional financing. Bootstrap Montana comes with a built-in network of finance, consulting and advising mentors and contacts across the state. It is a welcome, needed program and has provided targeted growth capital to move my business to the next level."

Daren Nordhagen, Foundant Technologies:
"Hiring experienced, high-tech sales representatives is an expensive and risky proposition for start-up companies. Our Bootstrap Montana loan has allowed us to hire two extremely experienced representatives that we would have otherwise not been able to afford. The loan allows us to cover the cost of the new hires until they ramp and generate incremental revenue to offset their compensation plans. The team at Bootstrap Montana is knowledgeable and easy to work with while the loan process is very reasonable considering the generous terms."

Tyson Holland, Intuitive Productions:
"The help I received from the Bootstrap program played an integral part in helping me attend the Outdoor Retailer show, the largest venue I have been able to participate in to date. The process to receive the loan was quick, efficient, and it was a privilege to be able to shake the hands of the people making it possible, thank you."

Sadie Barac, Little Turtle's Tipi, LLC:
"I can honestly say that without the Bootstrap program, this year would not be the same for my business. It has opened up opportunities that I would not have been able to do without it. It also helped prepare me for public presentations of my product, new ideas with marketing, different views of my finances, and great confidence in myself! Thank you Bootstrap. Everyone was great to work with and the process is worthwhile."

Shane McClaflin, Sunrise Pack Station:
"The folks at TechRanch in conjunction with Bootstrap Montana have been great to work with and have really helped us in our endeavors to make our small business work in Montana."